The Impact of Continuing Resolutions on Small Business

In the tumultuous landscape of American politics, the dysfunction within Congress often manifests in far-reaching consequences, particularly for small businesses. As lawmakers grapple with budgetary disputes and partisan gridlock, the repercussions reverberate throughout the economy, stifling growth, and innovation. One of the most visible symptoms of this dysfunction is the reliance on continuous resolutions, which…


Making a Good First Impression

Our company, Summit-Tek, is growing and experiencing a busy hiring cycle. As most small businesses in the IT field know, our market’s very competitive and there is no lack of experienced candidates! To find the best fit for our team, we look for character traits that don’t require any talent or experience.  Experience alone shouldn’t…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning In The Maritime Domain

Maritime transportation remains the go-to method when it comes to trading in bulk, with international shipments being responsible for close to 90% of goods. This provides an ideal platform for smuggling illegal goods as well, which in-turn makes maritime security a matter of great importance to businesses and governments alike. To combat against nefarious actors…


Reclassification of Small Business

COVID remains a challenge for small businesses. The international pandemic has put citizens and businesses on their heels since last March. New regulations and mandates have the entire world adapting to stark and sudden changes on a nearly weekly basis and these new measures continue to impact small businesses the most. A research article prepared…

A businessman holding up a sign with the word Name on it

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a business name? There are plenty of examples of successful companies whose names are tied to their task and purpose, but how necessary is it to become successful? You may want to associate your brand to a family name or some variation thereof, while others might choose a less meaningful approach. Would you…

An Investigative analyst with paperwork on a desk

What Does an Investigative Analyst do?

There are various sects in which Investigative Analysts function, ranging from private to public sectors, which also include government agencies. The Investigative Analysts have become a critical component to all law enforcement agencies. Their predominant roles, as the name might suggest, is to investigate and identify illegal actions or misconduct within organizations that relate to…

Photo Pills Close-up. Quality Control Of Pills And Biologically

During COVID-19, Consumers Must Remain Vigilant for Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods

Counterfeit goods and phony pharmaceuticals continue to pose a health and safety risk to consumers in America and around the world. During these uncertain and unprecedented times, as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must remain especially vigilant. Many fraudulent healthcare products, including hand sanitizers and supposed panaceas for the novel Coronavirus, are…