CompanySecuritySigns: It’s Time to Hire An Investigative Services Team

The chances of a business making it through its entire lifecycle without having any issue requiring professional investigation are slim to none. Whether it is from numbers not adding up on the accounting sheet, leaks that come from the company server, or a lawsuit threatening to take your reputation to subterranean levels, the odds of your company coming under legal fire are relatively high. Fortunately, minimizing damage in any situation is something in which many people specialize. Investigative services can dive into your issues by assessing the situation, conducting skilled interviews, providing surveillance, and even preparing your team for a trial. How do you know when it’s time to hire investigative services? Three warning signs may pop out at you.


1. Math Doesn’t Add Up

Want to hear a not so fun fact? A whopping 95% of businesses on average face theft from their internal team. In a recent study, researchers found that up to 75% of employees were willing to admit they’ve stolen from their employer at least once. And that’s not the only way which your financials could be at risk; outside theft, data breaches, and fraudulent charges can also threaten your company. If you’re noticing your profits shrinking while your output remains the same, it’s time to hire our investigative services. We’ll be able to probe the nooks and crannies of your business to find out where the leak is and provide you with the tools to patch it.


2. Bad Press Is… Still Bad Press

The rise of websites like Glassdoor, Yelp, and even Facebook gave way to a whole new type of corporate legal agony. Now, companies need to be wary of people with the power to publicly post their opinion about a business to the world, which is just about everyone. It takes one irritated customer to go online and spread libel about your business, or one competitor to get creative with their adjectives. While you may know the reviews are false, customers do not – and seeing negative reviews will drastically impact your reputation. Investigative services can root out those who are tempted to publish fabrications and help form a plan on how to best address this problem.


3.Employment Concerns

Businesses with high morale tend to put their employees at the forefront of importance. While morale is crucial to a successful workplace, unfortunately it can become catastrophic when corporate diplomacy fails. Employee concerns are a leading form of legal action taken against companies in the 21st century, whether they stem from sexual harassment, pay issues or discrimination. When you hear the rumblings of unrest amongst employees, it should be taken seriously. Bringing in an investigator who can assess the concerns from a distance and come up with a concise plan of action will alleviate any long-term suffering.