SecurityThe Big Reason E-Security is More Important Than Ever

In an age where the vast majority of businesses use some form of e-commerce or communication via the internet, e-security has become a must. Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of e-security despite repeated warning signs from other corporations having their data breached, primarily by foreign criminal enterprises, which makes enforcement and prosecution more difficult.  Phishing scams, ransomware, and internal data leaks are a huge industry in 2018 and protecting yourself against them becomes a vital task for any business. But why is e-security so important now more than ever?


In the modern era, businesses operate in ‘the cloud’. Using a private network is no longer feasible for most businesses and uploading data to vast cloud-based networks is significantly cheaper and more reliable. With great resources come great risks, unfortunately. Those who seek to profit off your loss are certainly savvy individuals and able to adapt to minimal anti-intrusion and monitoring software employed by most businesses.  Even the enormous internet giant, Facebook, fell prey to data phishing this year and had to retool their entire privacy policy, invest significant amounts of profits in damage control as well as apologize to millions of customers for allowing hackers access to their private/personal data.


The truth is, as a business owner, criminals are not out to hurt you. They’re out to hurt your customers. It’s significantly easier to target a single entity than it is to try to affect a company with a full-time staff that’s responsible for protecting internal business data.  But your company is not exactly an innocent bystander in the process of a data breach – in fact, public blame won’t fall to the criminal, rather the business that allowed the breach. When suffering a data breach, a company is the one that ends up taking the loss and is accountable to their customers.  With credit card fraud (one of the most common types of fraud that proper e-security prevents), your business will face monetary loss through chargebacks and refunds. With data scams, you’ll face the loss of competency and trust between you and the customer. Without e-security, your business is stuck in a lose-lose situation.


With solid e-security measures in place, your vulnerability risk goes down while your brand improves.  Without it, prepare to spend. Even worse, you could fall prey to various internet providers’ “suspicious site” department with enough malware installed on your site. Should you fail to catch an issue before it becomes serious, there’s a high chance your website could become blacklisted – and you can say goodbye to online sales.


E-security is more important than ever to your business. With so much of the world being run online, you can’t risk your company falling prey to an attacker. Fortunately, setting up proper e-security is not that difficult when you work with an expert. Using cutting-edge technology and a knowledgeable team, Summit-Tek is here to help you stay a step ahead of the criminals and keep your customer base secure.