Brand Protection

If you were going to hire a plumber, would you go for someone who read a plumbing manual a few years ago or someone who has years of experience in the field? What about going to a restaurant – would you be satisfied if your cook has made breakfast for his family a few times or would you prefer a trained chef? We’d be willing to bet that you’re going to choose the experienced plumber or the trained chef over the other, less qualified options. What makes your investigations firm any different? By going with a veteran-owned investigations firm, such as Summit-Tek, you’re choosing to put your company in the hands of experts instead of rookies.

A veteran-owned investigations firm offers expertise that can’t be learned through manuals or simple training. Our team is comprised entirely of people who possess an investigative or intelligence background and was formed by a group of former law enforcement professionals from the United States Department of Homeland Security. By working with the top teams in the United States throughout each and every one of our professional careers, we’ve gained an expertise that provides a seamless blend of analyzing business vulnerabilities, performing in-depth investigations, and developing new security practices that are tailored to any business’ individual needs.


When you hire someone to do construction work for you, you’d like them to be licensed and bonded. This establishes trust where there was previously none – you know and understand that a separate entity is saying ‘this company is trustworthy’. With an investigative firm, it’s no different. While being bonded doesn’t really exist in the investigative trade, you’d want some form of similar insurance. This company will be the one to handle your data, conduct investigations, and come up with safety and security measures for your business to thrive under. By choosing a veteran-owned firm, you know that each and every one of the employees have gone through extensive government background checks. You will feel assured that you can place your trust in a company that’s already earned the trust of our government.


With our government background and extensive training, we firmly believe that we are the right choice for your business needs. Our unique blend of working history offers a complete understanding of law enforcement-related services that include providing expert testimony, forensic auditing, employee training, assessments, and interviewing. Professional experience has taught us that confidentiality is key, and we will always respect your business as thoroughly as we respect our own. As veterans, we are able to turn the years of professional experience that the United States has given us and use it to your advantage.