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Company growth is the single most crucial factor in running a business. Through high sales and a wide profit margin, a company can comfortably grow organically. Through mergers and acquisitions, a company might have opportunities to grow which would never evolve naturally. In complicated or busy markets, mergers can often be one of the best ways to relieve some of the sales pressure from a company and allow them to restructure or change entirely their business plan. This is not to say mergers are always smooth, and completing due diligence on all entities involved in a merger matters greatly.

Mergers cause incredible stress on a company. Focusing on the happy ‘we’re all a team’ can ease some of the stress, but in reality mergers involve a massive restructure on both sides of the fence. Being combined or brought on with another company leads to assessing business practices, employees, and finances. Executives and lawyers who assume the risks of taking on a merger or a business practice focus on the analytical aspects of the process (i.e. how financially responsible it is). Often, the personal focus is lost in the shuffle. Mergers, however, offer incredible opportunity to assess the people involved with a company. An external investigative company can assist with the process.

Each entity involved in a merger comes with risks and complications. Having an investigative company provide discreet intelligence on business practices can negate or diminish these risks. Performing due diligence on both entities is crucial, as one might have a high level of risk due to past and present actions. Researching and analyzing business practices, hiring, and individual employees can both ease a transition and stop difficult areas in their tracks. Partnering with an entity which doesn’t have your company’s best interests at heart will cause declines in profitability. While decline in profitability is bad enough, there can also be issues with employment practices and existing long term business plans.

In short, mergers are always associated with some level of risk. There will never be a time when combining with another company is a smooth and effortless process. Performing due diligence on both entities involved in a merger helps soothe shaken employees, and incites a sense of calm. With an investigative company at your side, you know each person involved in the merger has the best intentions during the entire process.