CompanySecurityWhat Makes Our Company Different

When you hire a company to look into your security, you want them to be secure themselves. You won’t want to hand over all of your data, trade information, and staff details to someone you cannot trust. Investigative companies are commonplace in the world of business. Finding one which stands out amongst the competition is crucial to ensuring you have the highest service possible. Fortunately for you, you’ve found one which puts all other investigative companies in the ‘no’ list. What makes our company different? We’re here to tell you.

We feel that it’s the team that makes the company. Ours is the best in the business. Summit-Tek’s staff is comprised of a group of individuals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, government intelligence, and investigation. We were formed by former law enforcement professionals who worked in the United States Department of Homeland Security. Our experience with risk mitigation, government compliance, and due diligence is brought directly from the highest level of government involvement. When you bring our team into your business, you know you are working with someone who handles information with respect and discretion.

Summit-Tek is focused on much more than just surface-level issues. We focus on assessing and analyzing your company’s vulnerabilities and use any information gleaned from our internal investigations to ensure that your company is airtight. We can assess your company from the inside out and come up with a concrete game plan that will guarantee your company maintains a clean brand.

Whether you need assistance with investigations into your current and future employees, help with legal disputes over intellectual property, or guidance into maintaining regulatory compliance, we are here for you.

One of the most significant advantages we provide to any company we work with is our ability to follow through. Summit Brand is not a company which focuses solely on assessment. We also, do more than just handle damage control. With us protecting your company, you can rest easy knowing that every step of the process is under control. While other companies focus on just solving a singular problem, Summit-Tek focuses on eliminating your security issues both now, and in the future. Chances are, you will never need our services twice. If you choose Summit-Tek, you can rest assured that all aspects of your company have been properly assessed and controlled.