Rolando Suliveras is an Executive Advisor for Summit-Tek Inc. He served the federal government for over 36 years in various operational and leadership positions within U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP) and the U.S. Customs Service and served in the Senior Executive Service within the Department of Homeland Security for his last 11 years of federal service. Prior to retiring from Federal Law Enforcement Service from Customs and Border Protection in August of 2021, he served as the Executive Director at the National Targeting Center Cargo Division for Customs and Border Protection under the Department of Homeland Security. He oversaw extensive modernization of cargo targeting operations thereby providing executive leadership and direction to ensure CBP remained focused to prevent terrorist activity within the global supply chain and dangerous/unlawful goods from entering and exiting the U.S. by effectively screening, reviewing, identifying, and segmenting low and high-risk cargo across all transportation modes to identify, target and coordinate examination of shipments connected to terrorism or other transnational criminal activity. Mr. Suliveras directed CBP to leverage advance cargo data, intelligence, rapid information sharing, domain awareness, automated AI tools and risk-informed approaches to screen, segment, sort, target, triage and expedite the movement and flow of cargo entering and exporting via US ports in all modes of transportation, by increasing the focus on high-risk shipments and individuals and intercepting threats at the earliest possible. Mr. Suliveras expanded information sharing, partnerships and collaboration that enhanced the entire US border security continuum by assisting investigative and other agencies in using their unique enforcement authorities to address unlawful actions. Conducted joint exploitation of intelligence, joint risk management, and joint targeting operations with interagency and international partners and established collaborative efforts with the Department of Defense and U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities to enhance the U.S. technological and operational capabilities at the border. Upon retiring from the federal government, Mr. Suliveras has focused on developing business interests of clients. He has overseen the development of several contracts with various Federal Government and private sector entities in the maritime security domain, information security and general global supply chain portfolios. Mr. Suliveras has brought new technology and risk mitigation approaches to the federal and private sector workspace that has strengthen their awareness of risks and enforcement efforts in the global supply chain domain. Mr. Suliveras strives to foster new relationships with both foreign and domestic partners, while maintaining close contacts with key stakeholders.

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