Summit-Tek has partnered with Windward, a maritime data and analytics company that’s mission is to provide unprecedented visibility into the global maritime domain utilizing a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tool. The Windward Intelligence System (WWIS) is an UNCLASSIFIED, Open-Source Threat Identification tool developed and designed specifically to aid national defense and law enforcement agencies in their daily efforts in combating illegal maritime activities in the interests of National Security. Windward has developed a series of proprietary machine-learning algorithms which assemble millions of data points daily and organize this information into a clean, validated, and actionable picture of maritime activities around the globe.

The Windward Intelligence System sets itself apart from all other tools in its domain through the sophistication of the algorithms utilized. The WWIS takes data from as far back as 2012 and establishes a pattern of life for each vessel, enabling any deviations from such patterns to highlight potential risks. Worldwide AIS coverage is provided by numerous providers. This ensures accuracy and visibility over multiple queryable vessel activities, to include at-sea meetings between vessels, dark activities, deviations from course, identity tampering, drifting, draft variations and more. Vessel routes are displayed in order to illustrate vessel history and predicted future movements. These activities are automatically analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and ranked accordingly in order to swiftly identify risks. Activities are updated daily in order to maintain relevancy and accuracy.

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The user-friendly interface of the system allows users to identify vessels of interest through a simple and comprehensive search engine. Operators have the unrivaled ability to create a tailored geofence to monitor specific areas of interests. The WWIS also boasts a rule generation engine enabling users to create their own specific criteria for targeting/monitoring. A detailed profile summary for events and individual vessels can be generated and downloaded for sharing data captured by the system.  This data can also be easily transferred into software programs such as “Palantir” and “I2”.

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Access to the WWIS is delivered via cloud-based systems, designed to be scalable and reliable while maintaining high availability of the service. As a data-oriented platform for governments, the system’s architecture and core processes were designed with hardened data security in mind, including data infrastructure protection (AWS), data encryption measures such as the SSL mechanism and the use of https protocol. Access control and anonymity measures including project compartmentalization and the use of transients to process client requests in the server’s memory to avoid disk-writing.

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