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A global security conference hosted by GardaWorld International in Houston, Texas, in early February provided a welcome opportunity to confer with area Oil &Gas sector companies on security concerns for business travelers in various regions of the world, particularly the Middle East and Africa. Representing Summit-Tek, Senior Director Michael Daigle had the opportunity to meet with leading global security executives from many of the major Oil & Gas sector companies headquartered in the Houston area. The team from GardaWorld provided a compelling briefing on the security concerns for these two key regions, which are home to ongoing operations and many projects for this industry. Many Oil & Gas companies have contractors and staff working and traveling in these regions.

The event allowed SBP to network with many of the key decision makers in the Oil & Gas industry who need the types of consultancy services provided by our company: Intellectual Property protection, Supply Chain Security, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, and many more.

An even more significant benefit gleaned from attending this event was the opportunity to meet several of the top executives from GardaWorld and have discussions regarding the ways our companies might partner in the future to provide even more robust and comprehensive consultancy services to GardaWorld’s clients across the globe. We would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with GardaWorld to provide a broader range of world-class consultancy services to Oil & Gas sector companies. When it comes to security, a layered and diversified approach provides the greatest coverage against the threats facing our global partners worldwide. At Summit-Tek, we rise to those challenges.

We thank GardaWorld International for inviting Summit-Tek to participate in this important forum.