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April 6, 2020

Las Vegas – At Summit-Tek we are committed to honesty and integrity and are pleased to announce our company received a Facility Security Clearance (FCL) on March 23, 2020. The government has placed a high level of trust with us and we are grateful. An FCL is a determination by the federal government indicating it would be in the interest of national security for a particular company or organization to have access classified information. The ability to perform classified work can open up access to multiple avenues of the Federal government. Classified contracts are not limited to the Department of Defense but are issued by nearly every government agency.

CEO Todd Horton stated “We’re very excited to receive this important certification. This ability to operate in the classified workspace should open up significant opportunities that we were not able to access before.”

Mr. Paul Gubler will initially serve as Summit-Tek’s certified Facility Security Officer (FSO). As the FSO, Mr. Gubler is responsible for managing the security program and helping company employees obtain and maintain personnel security clearances. He will also be responsible for passing those clearances to companies that Summit-Tek will be partnering with.

Summit-Tek provides expert investigative and consultant services. The company possess significant law enforcement experience, specifically in Maritime Security, Supply Chain Security, and Investigations. To learn more about -Tek, please visit