Matt Rice, Chief Growth Officer

“Matt Rice is Summit-Tek’s Chief Growth Officer and previously served as a senior leader and Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations having retired after 26 years of federal service. Mr. Rice’s latest assignment within HSI was a joint-duty assignment as a Deputy Director at the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces Fusion Center where he oversaw intelligence production in a multi-agency environment that included employees from multiple federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Drug Enforcement Administration, and U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service.

Throughout Mr. Rice’s federal career, he served in numerous permanent and temporary leadership positions including being the HSI Assistant Special Agent in Charge over the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex where he led multi-national narcotics and contraband smuggling investigations that regularly intersected with Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Mr. Rice’s successes and leadership lead him to being able to expand law enforcement task force participation to have both Canadian and Australian law enforcement partners physical locate personnel in the U.S. to work directly alongside of Mr. Rice’s team. Mr. Rice was also one of the first two Department of Homeland Security Special Agents to have been assigned to the National Security Council, where he honorably served both President’s George W. Bush and Barak H. Obama. Mr. Rice brings Summit-Tek a vast array of operational and policy development experience in maritime law enforcement, multi-national law enforcement, and national security.

Mr. Rice maintains close ties to key government and industry stakeholders focused on the developing and maintaining strong public/private contract relationships. Access to cutting edge technology, intelligence tools, highly skilled information technology professionals, and former U.S. government personnel enhance U.S. and allied nations law enforcement capabilities through direct and network contracting vehicles..”