Brand ProtectionLaunching a New Company - Why Protecting your Brand Early on is Important

You’ve launched a new company. It’s got a beautiful new website, a fresh new logo, stunning SEO copy, and thieves eyeing your every move. Wait, what was that last one? Yes, all brands are at risk constantly from everything from outright thieves who rip your copy off of your web pages to competitors who create a logo that looks shockingly like yours. Protecting your brand early on is strikingly important, and right as you launch a new company is when you should take extra care to make sure it’s got an airtight seal of protection.

Each year, both large and small companies and corporations lose billions of dollars in revenue due to information theft. The internet has done wonders in bringing in business and connecting clients to companies, but it’s also opened a whole can of business-losing worms. Gone are the days when you could have your secret recipe to your delicious fried chicken locked in a vault in your basement. Now is the time when everything is up for grabs unless you have the right protection. The right protection may vary depending on what you produce or what service you provide, but leaving yourself open is almost like saying ‘I made this really useful product, do you want to profit off of it?’.

Consider your brand as a beacon of your business. A strong brand brings together investors, clients, employees, and even company culture. It is one that is instantly recognizable and unique. A strong brand is able to attract new investors, raise market share pricing, and supplement advertising costs. Would Coca-Cola been so success if Pepsi also had a logo in a red script? Although we’ll never know for certain, the answer is probably not. An instantly recognizable look, product, packaging, or content is a way to project your business in a strong and confident manner. By failing to protect your brand early on, you weaken your message by allowing others to come in and take the best pieces.

Brand protection is more than just filing for a copyright. Strong protection includes everything from patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Simply having the right legal backing will save you time and money in the long run. By correctly protecting yourself through appropriate legal channels, you’re creating an identity that holds legal value. If you’re ever attacked through theft or bad press, a strong brand is able to protect your company’s assets. By protecting yourself early, you’re laying the groundwork for your company to avoid unnecessary legal expenses or even financially-damaging rebranding.