CompanyHow Do Our Investigators Prep for Your Trial?

Should you find yourself involved in litigation, you’ll want to have the best preparation team backing you. In most cases, the more accurate and convincing the information increases your probability of being victorious.   Having an experienced investigative team on your case relieves some of the stress brought on by legal proceedings, and a combined century of experience makes us the best. So how do our investigators prep for your trial? We’ll break it down.

Presentation and trial preparation are nothing without the proper steps taken before you enter the courtroom. To prepare for a trial, we begin with a lengthy investigative process. Regardless of the topic, we take steps to ensure that every ‘I’ has been dotted and ‘T’ has been crossed. Our team is poised to handle federal and state criminal matters, intellectual property rights, and asset tracking (to name a few). We look at all aspects of your case and begin the process with a formal interview of everyone involved. Summit BrandProtection employees are all fully trained in the art of proper interviewing and ask the pertinent questions relevant to the case that support your position.

Surveillance can factor into the investigative process. When interviews fail to yield the information needed, our experts are ready to incorporate ground surveillance, undercover practices, and even informants into our investigative techniques. Never invasive and always legal, our methods are aimed at gathering information needed while keeping your company in the clear. Surveillance also includes using available intel such as social media and online information which, as we know can yield a lot of information about an individual.

For a trial, we bring all the information to the table for you. As we said, a trial is nothing if the investigative processes are not done correctly. With the proper evidence, key witness testimonies, and clear investigative work, your trial will be handled credibly and professionally. We source key people who are subject matter experts and make them available for testimony, and our interviewing techniques transfer into the trial itself. With our experience in both federal and state trials, we’re confident we can prepare for any trial and help you achieve a positive outcome.