Craig Stephenson

Craig Stephenson, Director, Network and Cyber Operations

Craig Stephenson is the Director of Network and Cyber Operations for Summit-Tek. Mr. Stephenson also serves as the Chief of network and cyber architecture. He brings possesses 21 years of professional experience in service provider networks, data centers, air-gaped, remote access networked environments with a drive for innovation. Mr. Stephenson possesses both commercial and government networking experience, with over 9 years of IT leadership responsibilities in and out of the technical realm. Mr. Stephenson has over 6 years Cyber Innovation experience working with multiple DoD government entities. He had the honor of being the first Network Engineering Subject Matter Expert (SME) to implement Zero Trust Architectures (ZTA) in a DoD production environment. Mr. Stephenson is an innovator in Networking, Network Optimization, Cyber Network Security and Network to Code transformation. He has performed on multiple engineering and tiger teams for network transformation and modernization throughout his career.